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Wanting to explore possible careers?

Pontotoc Technology Center has training available to help you get into the job market faster. Some selected PTC Courses are College Accredited and will transfer, helping you to earn your degreee faster and while you are still in high school. 

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Business & Industry

How We Serve Our Clients

If you are a business owner or manager looking for ways to improve your business, an employee wanting to upgrade your skills, or the person responsible for employee training. We can help you learn new systems, master new machines, develop new skills, and transfer accumulated knowledge to new situations.



Career Technology

Looking for a fresh start or training in an exciting new career? 

Pontotoc Technology Center can prepare you for an exciting career in:


  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Human Services
  • Health Sciences
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Information Technology


...And many other fields for our course catalog click the button below



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